Ort: Lombok, Indonesien  
Alter: 39  
Geschäft: Lebensmittelherstellung  
Kredit: 62 €


The two languages Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia both belong to the Malay language and therefore are very similar. This simplifies communication for Salihin with her husband, who originally is from Lombok and went to Malaysia to find work. The Indonesian island of Lombok is almost 2,000 km (air-line distance) from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. This is the distance, which separates Salihin from her husband. The 39-year-old Indonesian still lives in Eastern Lombok and has to look after their two children alone now.

Since 2018 Salihin has been producing so-called Kripik. These are Indonesian fried chips made from various fruits, vegetables or fish. Salihin uses manioc, a starchy root tuber, and bananas to make delicious Kripik, which are then sold at small stalls in the village. She manages to produce 200 packs of such Kripik every day. Despite the large amount of Kripik she manufactures, she only makes about 3€ profit from it. The money is just enough to provide her children with snacks. Since her husband is still looking for work and cannot support his family financially, Salihin now wants to develop her business. She plans to increase her market reach hoping that her Kripik can also be sold in normal shops. By increasing her own production, Salihin also wants to help local farmers, who can also benefit from the greater demand.

To make this possible, Salihin received a microloan of 62€ (1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah) from GMI. With this money she was able to buy more ingredients and new materials and expand her business.






Author: Annika Benz