Sarah and Angelo


Two of our micro-borrowers live about an hour apart. Angelo and Sarah both grew up in poor conditions in the Philippines. Sarah lives in Olongapo City and Angelo in Subic. Beyond their living conditions, the two have one thing in common – they both successfully participated in our training program! Both wanted to provide for their livelihoods independently and independently, so we supported them with a microcredit of about 90 euros.

Sarah (50 years) lives together with her family and other relatives in a three-bedroom apartment in Olongapo City. In order to provide for the family, her husband works at a pig farm in which he earns about 7 euros a day. With the aim of supporting him, she first completed our training program and afterwards, opened her own Sari Sari shop (Neighborhood Shop). With the microcredit, she was able to equip her store with other products. The word Sari-Sari means diversity, therefore, the mother of three sells everyday products to customers in the neighborhood.


The 60-year-old Angelo also successfully completed our training program, too. His goal during his apprenticeship was to become self-employed in the long term. He wishes to open his own snack store in his hometown. Until he has saved enough money for returning to the village, he runs a small beauty salon. With this, he currently generates around 28 euros a week, depending on how many customers visit him. Using the microcredit, he bought other products, such as scissors and nail polish, that he needs for his store. With this investment, he will be able to offer further services in his salon in the future and thus earn a higher income.