Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 59  
Business: Gasoline  
Loan: 35€; 53€; 53€; 71€; 71€ 


Update May 2018

Rising oil prices made the gasoline prices clim in Indonesia, too, especially over the holidays. We therefore gave Seni another micro loan so that she would not have to close her second gas station. 

Update January 2018

Seni finally opened her second petrol station. To get the new business to maximum capacity, we gave her a 71 € loan.

Update November 2017

As Seni was able to fully repay her second micro loan on time, we accepted her request for a third one. With this, she hopes to finally open her new shop.

Update October 2017

Unforeseen school expenses halted Seni’s plan to open a second shop at another location. Thanks to our loan, however, she could increase her earnings enough to pay for her daughter’s next semester. “My family is always my first priority,”, Seni explains. “I can open a second shop later, but my daughter needs to pay enrolment fees now. And we really want her to complete an education.” As she was able to repay her loan without problems, she qualified for a second one. 

About Seni

20 years ago, Seni moved from Tabanan, an island southwest from Bali, to Denpasar with her husband Sukadana (65), their three sons and their daughter. Sukadana used to work for an insurance company but retired five years ago. To be able to fund their children’s education, the couple opened a small shop, where they are selling gasoline. But they also need money to pay rent (319€ p.a.) for the property on which they have built their house.

Two of their children are married and are currently living with their own families. One of them works as a teacher and the youngest studies in his third semester at Hindu University. After all payments are made, the family is left with approximately 2.20€ per person each day. To be able to pay for their youngest child’s education, Seni’s family needs to increase their income, as the cost of living in Denpasar drastically increased over the past year. Therefore, Seni would like to open a second shop at a different location. With a micro loan from our organization, we offer them the chance for an increased income and a better life for their children.