Global Micro Initiative cooperates with many partners in South East Asia. One of our partners is Project Life Subic with its qualitative training program in the Philippines. Many trainees acquire useful skills in processing textiles e.g. sewing but also learn how to successfully apply for a job and prepare for an interview. Furthermore, trainees have the opportunity to learn how to build a business and open their own small business. Let us have a look at numbers – About 75 % of all graduates have either found a job or opened their own business within three months.

We ran a campaign in German named “Viele schaffen mehr” between 5th November 2019 and 5th February 2020. The motto can be translated as together we can do more. And? We achieved to do more together! Many people have contributed to accumulate € 3.000 during the crowdfunding campaign. The Raiffeisenbank doubled the amount of our campaign. We can successfully promote new trainees in the Philippines with the total amount of € 6.000. We thank you for your contribution.

The current group in training consists mostly of high motivated and dedicated mothers. They want to improve their future and support their family. Many of them are financially constraint in order to take care of their sick relatives or just live a better life. Some mothers are single parents and strive to offer their children the opportunity of acquiring good education. Some want to aid their family as their income is not enough to support the family or buy enough food – even if the husband is working. As the past trainees forged great plans – the current trainees forged their own plans as well, while acquiring the skills for making their goals come true.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak globally and the strict measures following the crisis, the trainee program had to be stopped. All final exams and graduation ceremonies had to be postponed. Our hope is that the crisis will end soon and that the trainees can pave their way of a better life with their new skills. Global Micro Initiative hopes that everyone is safe, healthy and wishes patience to all contributors, trainees and their families. Following trainees are thankful and appreciate your contributions:


Diana Bermejo
Erma Pabilonia
Ernalyn Sardena
Imelda Parazo
Jasmin Ducena
Jayvee Perez
Jocelyn Arima
Lorna Teoxon
Marcil Bolano
Meraly Espiritu
Premavera Adamos
Zeny Balmes

Translated by Mustafa