Shiela 3
Place: Olongapo City, Philippines  
Age: 41  
Business: Trade with Rice  
Loan: 87 €


In Asia you can find so called KTV (Karaoke Tele Vision) Bars in which you can rent a special Karaoke cabin and sing with your group. Karaoke´s a famous musical and cultural heritage of many Asian countries. Shiela is 41 years old and lives together with her husband and 2 children in Olongapo City in the Philippines. She´s working part-time in one of the many KTV Bars. Her husband´s working in hotel maintenance and he earns PHP 20.000 / month which is about € 350 / month. As Shiela´s income isn´t enough to support her family financially she´s also selling rice to add an additional income. She´s selling rice to her friends or acquaintances and uses the internet as another distribution channel. Rice is considered as a staple food in the Philippines. Shiela offers her customers to pay back in 2 installments as the average income in the Philippines is about € 270 / month.

Sometimes she must wait longer until her customers paid her back. Sheila needs more money to increase her stock and increase her sales as her business is successful. With our microloan of € 87 Sheila was able to improve her business, fill her stock and sell more rice bags. She was able to increase her monthly income by € 18.