Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 54  
Business: Foodstall  
Loan: 135€; 135€; 135€


Update March 2017

After she was able to repay the previous loan earlier than planned, the successful entrepreneur receives a third and last micro loan from us. Now she also sells jackfruit. During our visit, she happily explains Director Tobias Schüßler how she came up with the idea.”There was a jackfruit vendor here since two years. He sold Jackfruits every day not far from my house. When I heard that he had moved to another place, I took over from him. The customers were already there. Therefore it was no problem to sell 30 to 40 packs each day. Unfortunately I don’t have time to produce more.” – With this new product Siti was able to double her daily income within a week!



Update February 2017

Siti could not use her first loan to start her business as the price for the food stall had increased a lot. Therefore she could only buy some parts for her new business. However, she was able to repay the first loan with the income from her job. Her health condition worsened and she had to quit her employment.

From the money she made from selling crackers, she and her daughter had to live on 1,58€ per person per day. We provided her with a second micro loan and Siti could open her little food stall in January. One month later,  Sanna from WKP tells us: “Siti’s health is much better now. We can see that she has a lot more energy and is really encouraged by the success of her new enterprise.”

And Siti has all rights to be encouraged – she managed to increase her daily profits by 100%! The household now has 3,56€ per person per day at their disposal, by the definition of the UN, the family has escaped extreme poverty!


Siti’s Story

Siti lives together with her youngest daughter who is currently visiting the 11th grade. Siti could only complete elemantary school when she was a child. The two older children are already married and live with their own families.

When Siti married Suharlifan in 1984 she moved to Bali. The two built a tiny house near Denpasar. Her spouse opened a little motorcycle workshop. In order that she could also contribute some money to the family income she sold some yellow rice to take away.

Seven years ago she decided to quit her business, instead she started working for the canteen of a government office 12 hours of work earned her 7€ per day.

Four years ago, Siti’s husband died of a liver illness. Then she had the idea to sell selfmade prawn crackers in the weekends, making another 7€.

Now she had to quit her exhausting job due to lack of energy and age. To supply herself and her daughter, she wants to open a small food stall in the old workshop (the small area in front of their tiny house). Therefore she needs a micro loan of two million rupiah (135€). From this money she intends to purchase the stall itself and other appliances. Furthermore she needs stock of rice, vegetables, meat and fruits.

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