Place: Pattya, Thailand  
Age: 25  
Costs: 480 €


Sky is from Kon Ken in the North of Thailand. Her village is very small and isolated and therefore does not offer many opportunities to work. This is why her family sent her to Pettaya to earn money. She took her two children (8 and 2) with her and for two months worked as a prostitute in a bar across the Tamar Center because she did not have an apprenticeship or any work experience. She did not enjoy the work from the start. “One day, she came to Tamar’s hairsalon to get her hair done and learned that we offer a training program which allows the women from bars to see behind the curtain of different jobs (cooking, baking, sewing and cutting hair),” tells us Steffi Vaupel, project manager at Tamar.

Since October, Sky is doing an apprenticeship as cook, sponsored by us. It takes three months and includes learning to cook Thai food as well as serving at a café where she is learning about the proper preparation of coffee specialties, smoothies and serving.

As soon as Sky finishes her apprenticeship and has some experience, she’ll have the chance to work in different companies with different employers. For the first time in her life, she will be able to financially support her family without having to prostitute herself. When we asked her how she was doing she said: “Great! Every day since I joined the Tamar Center gas been beautiful. I can learn a lot and develop myself. I am enjoying every day.”

After the training, Sky would like to work as a cook and thereby, support her family. She will be working as a chef for six months at Tamar Center to gain more work experience before she will search for another employer.