Place: Wanasaba, Indonesia  
Age: 45  
Business: Food Peddler  
Loan: 129 €


Sohrini never knows what her day will be like. Every day she sets foot into a new journey of unknown occurrences accompanied with a big basket that is filled with goods. She knocks on doors to sell noodles, sugar, coffee beans, rice etc. Face-to-face at any day and any season. 

She´s the wife of a family with 2 children and they live together in North Beririjarak / Indonesia. Her husband is employed as a bamboo weaver. Sohrini earns € 97 and her husband earns € 65. While the average income in Indonesia is € 271 per month,  Sohrini, her husband and their two children must live with only € 162 per month. Sohrini and her husband work hard to not only overcome the days but also give their children the opportunity to educate themselves in school and finance their education for providing them a better future perspective. 

 In 2010 Sohrini had to give up her small shop which she has opened just in the same year. Given this major setback, Sohrini didn´t gave up and worked hard to improve the future of their children. She gathered new ideas and came to the decision to walk around with her basket and make face-to-face sales from knocking one door to another. Her idea´s a huge success – she´s the person with the highest income in her family – quite unusual for women in Indonesia. Sadly, the family still lives below the level of poverty. GMI has granted Sohrini a microloan of € 129 in order to improve her situation and an opportunity to develop her business strategy. 

 If you want to help Sohrini for accomplishing her plans – you´re able to make a huge change with spending a small amount. Please grant a chance to Sohrini and others to improve their overall life situation and seek a more independent and self-determined life. 


Translation: Mustafa