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Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 48  
Business: Biscuits  
Loan: 35€; 35€; 53€; 71€


Update February 2018

Nothing is greater for us than hearing that our participants start helping others with their skills. Sriami realized that she reached her capacity for producing even though demand was still high. She could now hire her first staff member who is in charge of producing the biscuits and packaging them. To increase capacities once more and to accomodate the new employee she received another micro loan. 

Update December 2017

Sriami tells us that her income increased again by 7%. She fully repaid her second loan and received a third one.

Update October 2017

Sriami was able to increase her daily income by 5%. Like other street vendors, she would like to sell shoes. For this she receives a second micro loan.

About Sriami

Originally from Eastern Java, Sriami today lives in the Denpasar region with her two youngest daughters after the death of her husband. For their piece of land which they occupy, they need to pay approximately 180€ a year. Sriami produces traditional biscuits called Rempeyek, which she delivers to numerous vendors. Each day, she makes approximately 10€. Sriami needs a micro credit as her daily income does not suffice to increase her production capacity.

Bildergalerie Sriami

Bildergalerie Sriami
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