Sri Wulandari_3
Place: Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 48  
Business: Tailor Shop  
Loan: 61 €


More than 27% of the total 241 million Indonesians live in poverty. However, there are large regional differences. While in Java, the country’s main island, about 23% of the population live in poverty, the proportion of the poor population in some provinces is as high as 44%. The East of Indonesia is particularly affected. At present, around a quarter of the population live below the official poverty line on the island of Lombok. To escape this poverty and lead a more self-determined and independent life, we support these people with our microcredits.

One of these people is Sriwulandari. She is not only the mother of four boys and a loving wife, but also a talented and motivated seamstress. Her husband works as a construction and agricultural worker. Since his work situation is seasonal, his income is also uncertain. If the season goes well, he can earn up to 123 € (2.000.000 IDR) per month. Unfortunately, it can also be the case that he earns significantly less or nothing at all in one month.



To help her husband, Sriwulandari bought her own sewing machine one year ago. From this work she receives an average additional income of 30 € (500.000 IDR) per month. Even if it is not much, Sriwulandari is very grateful to be able to support her husband and the family. Her clients are extremely satisfied with her work and the number of her customers is increasing daily. Sriwulandari is delighted that these people are trusting her and that they have her sew their clothes for them.

However, due to the limited number of fabrics and threads, she is not always able to serve all requests quickly enough. In order to change this, improve her services and increase the community’s confidence in her business, she receives a microcredit of 61 € (1.000.000 IDR).