Starter Kits

Help us to pave victims of human trafficking the way to a new life. Already with 50€, you are funding a starter kit!

Since last year, we have been working together with the Thai foundation Tamar Center

Starter Sets

Steffi Vaupel, program manager at Tamar, explains more about the starter kits: “The women have to overcome many traumata when they come to us. They also have little to no working experience except from their old work and are not used to staying at a workplace all day.
This is why we give them the production of greeting cards as their first ‘easy’ job where they can focus on creative working as well as cutting and gluing the cards. This way, they are busy and do not think of their past” explains Vaupel.

We sponsor the starter sets for all new participants. This includes all necessary materials as well as individual training and support. With only 50€ per pack, we are able to help new participants to make their first steps toward an independent life.

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