A starter kit against poverty-prostitution


For many of us Thailand is known as a magnificent holiday destination with stunning beaches, wildlife parks, elephants and temples. But there´s local Thai who live in horrendous circumstances like Ken. She has grown up in an orphanage under harsh conditions. Ken never finished school and doesn´t have any degree. Due to this she was only able to find work in the bars of Pattaya/Thailand – known for its vibrant yet shady nightlife.
Living as a prostitute was a dramatic setback in Ken´s life and left her with many babies who were given up for adoption. We work on enabling a better life and grant a chance for women in Thailand which had to work in prostitution.

Silvia Schüßler, founding and board member of GMI explains “The fate of these women who had no other option than earn their living with prostitution has touched me deeply.
Therefore I´m very delighted to work together with Tamar Centre in Pattaya/Thailand with which our cooperation is enabling a better life for women and help them out of prostitution like we did for Ken.”

Steady income with creating greeting cards

The Tamar Centre in Pattaya helps women who want to escape from prostitution. The organisation gives them free accommodation, psychological care and also offers them a 3-month-long course in which the women can learn to create greeting cards among the other things.
The greeting cards which the women have created are sold on Tamar Centre’s own online shop and gives the women a small income and keeps them engaged.

We finance the starter sets with which the participants can create the greeting cards. All the tools and Materials are comprised in the set.
The price of the set is € 50, and we were able to finance 21 starter sets – giving 21 women a new chance to start from scratch.

We promise that everyone who sponsors a starter set gets an individualized Thank-You card from the recipient.
Take part and help us to get women like Ken out of prostitution and offer them a chance for a better and self-determined life!

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-English version by Mustafa Pamuk