Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 48  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 35€; 35€


Update November 2017

With one month delay, Sulis fully repaid her second micro loan. 

Update August 2017

Sulis tried to track the success of her first loan. The stunning result: from her 35€ investment, she made a profit of 35€ after full repayment! Motivated by her success, she has requested and received a second micro loan of 35€.

About Sulis

In 1997, Sulis moved from Subrava, a town located in the East of the island Java to Bali for work. However, Sulis did not only find a job in Bali but also got to know Rachmad. The couple got married and the small family lived a simple live. When Sulis found out three years ago that Rachmad had married a second wife (which is legally possible in Indonesia), she decided to leave him with her two daughters.

After that, Sulis startet her own grocery store. Unfortunately, business didn’t go too well and she lost a large part of her investment. With much ambition and courage did Sulis open a new store a year ago. She cooks a multitude of rice dishes and small  Indonesian cakes made out of corn to go, which she delivers every day to five different Warungs (small take aways). At present, she produces 50 rice dishes and 100 small corn cakes with which she earns about 7 euros a day.

As her daughters now go to middle and high schools, Sulis’ expenses increased. To deal with this, the 48-year-old opened a laundrette where she washed the laundry by hand – due to lacking equipment – in addition to her food service. If she has larger mountains of laundry, such as duvet covers or cotton blankets, Sulis takes them to a better equipped laundrette. There she only uses half the programme however, washing and tumble-drying. Subsequently, she dries the laundry at her house and irons it as soon as it’s dry. As an extra service, she offers to deliver the washed laundry for free. With the laundry business, Sulis earns an additional 1,70 euros a day.

Thanks to our micro credit, Sulis is now able to lease an adequate space for the upcoming fasting period where she can cook rice dishes and small corn cakes and sell them herself. For this, she needed 35 euros to be able to cook more food and then sell it, after sunset, to the fasting people.

Gallery Sulis

Gallery Sulis
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Sulis and her daughter