Help Filipinos in Finding Ways Out of Poverty – Already 70% Funded


This year we set our goal to sponsor 18 participants for the job training program of our partner organization Project Life Subic in the Phillippines.

Thanks to your donations the first three students already graduated from the course; another three started in May. So far, we have the funds to provide skill trainings for 12 people. In order to reach our goal and to allow 18 families to escape poverty, we still need 475€. Our promise: You will know exactly who was able to participate because of your contribution.

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More about the program:
The industrial sewing training program is specifically designed for poor, unskilled people. Many of the participants haven’t even completed high school and live on less than 2€ per day. Thus, some cannot even afford a meal at lunch. Project Life Subic conducts 6 courses per year, each hosting around 10 participants. Read more