Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 33  
Business: Poultry Food  
Loan: 130 €


Supriadi and his wife are parents of one son and one daughter. To nourish their children, the parents took on long ways every morning in order to buy vegetables for resale. Three years ago, Supriadi realized his dream of opening a small chicken farm in addition to the vegetable business, with an initial capital of 32 Euro.

In doing so, he had to buy poultry feed every morning as well. The parents needed to get up earlier in order to arrive in time at the remote store which sells the poultry feed. But Supriadi is a young and clever man and decided to open his own poultry feed store to save time and money and provide his community with rice bran and corn for their breeding animals.

As a result, the monthly income of the Indonesian family increased and ranges now between 130 and 195 Euro. The only problem left is that Supriadi’s order is sometimes dispatched too late and therefore, he needs to pick up the goods himself or in the worst case, he has nothing to sell. To solve this problem, GMI granted him a loan of 130 Euro to expand his poultry feed stock and thus also his small business.


Author: Annika