Place: Subic, Philippines  
Age: 48  
Business: Delivery Service  
Loan: 90 €


Susanna heard about us from her niece Sarah, who at the same time is her neighbor and just received her second micro loan.
After presenting a promising business plan together with her loan application, the Project Life Subic team and our director Tobias Schüßler, who happened to be around at the time, visited her in her little home.

„The motorbike taxi couldn‘t bring us to the house. In order to reach Susanna, we first had to climb down a set of rock stairs and then master a rubble trail,“ Schüßler explains.


The entrepreneur has alread produced traditional snacks and sauces in the past, which she then delivered to her customers. Additionally, she generated income by ordering and delivering affordable jewelry. Even in poor areas like hers, jewelry is a must during festive occasions. She usually waits unitl a few orders came in until making the one hour trip to Olongapo City where she buys the necklaces and earrings and delivers these to her clients‘ home.


As Susanna had applied to a job in the past weeks, she had to spend a lot of money on obtaining health certificats and other documents as well as commuting back and forth. However, the job opportunity did not work out so she received a micro loan from us in order to be able to re-start her business. Without that loan, it would have taken her months to get back to her former business volume. Furthermore, she would not have been able to make use of the Easter holidays, an important day for the Filipinos.


Author: Tobias Schüßler
Translated by Frederic de la Haye