9th grade students at the Paul Gerhardt School in Kahl am Main. The students of the M branch of the middle school look with interest at the digital board. A video shows scenes from a Philippine slum. Just a few minutes later, images of Indonesian and Filipino microcredit recipients with their sales stalls follow. Immediately afterwards, cheerful Indonesian sounds and pictures from a basic seminar for microentrepreneurs on Lombok round off the presentation.

Enthusiastically, our founding and board member Silvia Schüßler told of the people who, through Global Micro Initiative e.V. (GMI) were given the chance to live above the poverty line. Silvia, who works as a secretary at the Paul-Gerhardt-School, was invited by Martin Wunderlich, the principal of the middle school, who is currently dealing with the topic “Sustainability in Development Aid” with his class.

In her presentation, Silvia emphasized the importance of the partnership between GMI and local organizations, without which continuous accompanying support and training of microcredit recipients would not be possible. “This close collaboration is the foundation and guarantee of the sustainability of our assistance,” Silvia explained to the attentive students. “Our goal is to help people stand on their own two feet and not become dependent on our aid.”

The impact of the pandemic in particular made the students sit up and take notice. “How can we then still advise and help people?” was one of the questions that moved the students. Here, Silvia demonstrated the opportunities offered by GMI’s new digital initiative, which has now been successfully introducing participants to digital payment options and commerce via social media channels for several months.

We would like to thank Martin Wunderlich for this great opportunity to illustrate the sustainability of our development aid through microcredits and accompanying trainings and to show the positive effects of our approach.

Translator: Anja