Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 52  
Business: Restaurant  
Loan: 35€; 52€; 71€; 71€ 


Update April 2018

After four years, Sutarmi has decided to close her curb-side stall on Bali, as the competition was getting too strong over the past six months. Even with a subsidiary, she barely made any money. Instead, she opened a grilled-chicken restaurant in a food court in the Denpasar region. She has received three micro loans which he has all successfully paid back so far. With a fourth loan of about 71€, she bought thenecessary utensils for her restaurant, to increase her business.

Update August 2017

After repaying her second loan, she received a third. With that, she was able to buy products for her new location and earn considerably more money. 

Update June 2017

Sutarmi repaid her first microloan successfully and received a second microloan of 52€. With that she wants to open a second stall in another location.

About Sutarmi

Together with her son, her two daughters and her husband, Djawata, 52-year-old Sutarmi lived in a small apartment in Denpasar. Nearly 30 years ago she moved here with her husband from Surabaya, East of the island Java, to Bali. Here, her husband found employment as a builder. In 2012, Sutarmi suddenly began to suffer from non-diagnosable pain in her left foot. After numerous visits to the doctor, during which no practitioner was able to find a reason for her suffering, Sutarmi decided to pay a visit to a traditional healer in Surabaya. After more than two years of therapy, all of the family savings were exhausted and she had to sell her last possessions.

In 2014, Sutarmi decided to return to Bali and began to support the family financially by selling meals to canteens, takeaways and other places. Since this occupation takes up a lot of time and energy, Sutarmi replaced it with the selling of cake, cookies and crackers and much more. She has been running her stand for more than a year now, with which she earns around 7€ a day. Since her sales table is in dire need of replacement, she has received a micro credit of approximately 35€. Additionally, she plans on attaching wheels to her stand in order to be able to leave it at a safe place in the evening.

Gallery Sutarmi

Gallery Sutarmi
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