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title photo by Conweimar

Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 47  
Business: Coconuts  
Loan: 2x 70 €


Update December 2o18

photo by Conweimar

Shortly before our visit of Sutri’s store, Sutri received another micro loan. This helped her to order in bulk and ever since, a delivery truck comes by her shop every day. This makes her daily life a lot easier. Before, she had to drive to the market by herself and transport all coconut from there. 


About Sutri
If you think of the beautiful island of Bali in the Indian Ocean, you will see beautiful beaches, impressive temples and exotic dishes and fruits. As you know, many spicy spices are found in Balinese cuisine. In addition to the spices, the coconut, which is one of the main cultivation products of the island, is especially indispensable. It is not only an excellent basis for curry dishes, but can also be enjoyed simply for drinking.

In order to make this pleasure available to the masses, our micro loan recipient Sutri offers refreshing coconut drinks in her little stall. The 47-year-old, who only attended primary school, opened the business ten years ago. Every other day she buys 50 fresh coconuts from the local market in Denpasar. This number is enough to earn her a little more than €2.50 a day. Her husband Tugiyono (46), whom she married 1995, is currently working as a construction worker, earning just under €7 a day. Together, the couple has two sons who live with them.

Since the couple recently prolonged the lease for their small house (for this the costs were always incurred for the whole year), this led to a financial bottleneck. As they have not enough savings, they had to use the business revenue for the lease. For Sutri to be able to still buy coconuts for her drinks, she received a micro loan of €70 from us.


title photo by Conweimar