Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 54  
Business: Curbside stall  
Loan: 35 €


54-year old Sutri and her husband Gundara are originally from Karangasm, eastern Bali. They have three children. After their wedding in 2000 they moved to Denpasar. Sutri makes “Banten”, traditional offerings which are used in Hindu rituals. She delivers them to four curb side vendors in her vicinity. Gundara works in a nearby port and helps loading and unloading cargo onto container ships. With their combined income, the family lives on 1,75€ per person per day. 

Sutri receives a micro loan in order to be able to deliver to more curb side vendors. The family needs to raise their income in order to allow their two daughters to go to high school.

Gallery Sutri

Gallery Sutri
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Banten, tradtitional Hindu offerings