Romagyn V. Manning 1


Place: Baloy Beach, Olongapo City, Philippines Age: 37   Business: Sari Sari Shop / Canteen   Loan: 87 EUR/ 5,000 PHP    The sun is shining and even in the shades of the palm trees it‘s 30 degrees. There isn’t a soul in sight. All you hear is the sound of the waves. Under your […]

Maria Romina D. Baloy 2

Maria Romina

Place: Zambales, Philippines    Age: 22   Business: Secondhand Shop     Loan: 87 EUR/ 5,000 PHP   Large amounts of water are required in the production of new garments. Another part of the water resources is heavily polluted by textile production. In addition, according to WWF, the clothing and textile industry contributes significantly to global greenhouse […]

D’arr’s MOA 2


Place: Olongapo City, Philippines   Age: 28   Business: Sari-Sari Store   Loan: 90 €   A Sari-Sari store is not a unique store with an alienated name. It is the common shop at the corner in the Philippines. Sari-Sari stores are an important organ in local communities throughout the Philippines. Various crisp packages, several […]


Philippines: Mobile repayment

A big part of South East Asia’s population already lived in poverty prior the ongoing pandemic. The lockdowns worsened the situation… But some of our microloan participants could sustain their small businesses and adjusted their offers to the unnatural situation. Most of our microloans, if not all, were paid out and redeemed in cash in […]

Lorena’s 2

Update: Lorena’s Piggery

Lorena was given a loan last October 4, 2019; her plan was to start a piggery business with only one gilt (female pig). She used the money that she received from us through breeding it and providing feeds. After 6 months of taking care of her pig she was able to produce 8 healthy piglets.  […]

Imelda Parazo 2

Together we can do more!

Global Micro Initiative cooperates with many partners in South East Asia. One of our partners is Project Life Subic with its qualitative training program in the Philippines. Many trainees acquire useful skills in processing textiles e.g. sewing but also learn how to successfully apply for a job and prepare for an interview. Furthermore, trainees have […]

Shiela 3

Support during COVID-19-crisis in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a total lockdown has stopped all our activities and most participant’s businesses had to close. Not Shiela’s, though. Sheila received a micro loan from us last year and started selling rice and eggs. During the current lockdown, she was allowed to continue her business – and helps her community through selling rice and […]

GMI Luncheon 2

GMI Women’s Celebration

On March 2, 2020, 11 aspiring women and our GMI representatives Anthony, Gilbert and Melinda came together to celebrate the International Women’s Day at the Project Life Subic Center in the Philippines. This year’s motto was “we make a change for women”. The gathered women aim to be successful in life and in business. International […]

Lorena’s MOA 2

Anthony – Personally

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Anthony Agones and his path to our partner organization Project Life Subic. But who exactly is this person? Anthony is 25 years old and currently lives in Old Cabalan Olongapo City. There he shares his home with his parents and sister. Together with his father, he lovingly […]

Entrepreneur’s Lunch

Recently it was time once again: Our Entrepreneur’s Lunch in the Philippines took place! In an informal setting, current micro-borrowers and interested parties can exchange ideas, listen to interesting lectures and gain exciting insights into our organization and work. Anthony, Managing Director of our partner organization Project Life Subic, enthusiastically shared his impressions of the […]

Estela N. Giray 1

The Meaning of Sewing

Sewing – the grand art of repairing old clothes or even creating new ones. Talking about sewing makes me inevitably think of my grandmother. I would think of all the times my grandma patched up my ruined trousers after I had tripped and fallen on my knees. I was always fascinated by the fact that […]


Training on the Philippines

A few weeks ago, our Philippine partner organisation Project Life Subic welcomed another ten women and one man to its training program as industrial seamstress. The success of the previous trainings can be characterized by the fact that many of the current trainees were made aware of the program by former participants. They all like […]

Regina A. Viana 6


Place: San Isidro, Philippines   Age: 42   Business: Sewing Shop   Loan: 88 € The Philippines belongs to one of the poorer countries in Asia. Especially the contrast between the small upper class and the poorer majority of citizens is frightening. Living with having less than one Euro per day? What might sound unbelievable […]

Lorena Dedicatoria 7


Place: San Isidro, Philippines   Age: 47   Business: Pig farming   Loan: 88 €   The authorities of the Philippines have stopped to import pork meat and pork produces from Germany a few months before. The reason was due to a threat of importing produces contaminated with African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV). While ASFV […]



Would you like to know who is running our projects in the Philippines, in Indonesia or in Thailand and who makes sure that you know what happened to your donation? Then you have come to the right place: In our new series we introduce the people behind our partner organization to you. Today: Anthony Agones, […]



Place: Zambales, Island Luzon, Philippines   Age: 29   Business: E-Loading  Loan: 87 €   In Zambales, a province on the Philippine island of Luzon, Anafe Eclar lives with her husband, two children and other relatives in a small modest home. Anafe’s husband works as a trycicle driver (a motorized tricycle), a typical means of […]

Lorna R. Lizada

From Dream to Reality

During your childhood you have many dreams. Some of the following women would have wished to save lives as a doctor, go to the police, or travel around the world as a stewardess. But in a poor country like the Philippines, education is expensive, and many locals have no choice but to work in low-paid […]

Shiela 3


Place: Olongapo City, Philippines   Age: 41   Business: Trade with Rice   Loan: 87 €   In Asia you can find so called KTV (Karaoke Tele Vision) Bars in which you can rent a special Karaoke cabin and sing with your group. Karaoke´s a famous musical and cultural heritage of many Asian countries. Shiela […]



Place: Olongapo City, Philippines   Age: 48   Business: Onlineshop   Loan: 87  €   Marian is one of the 233.000 citizens of Olongapo City in the Philippines. She ́s 48 years old and unmarried. Her father was a single parent and took care of Marian and her two sisters until he has passed away […]


Saving Money

This year’s stay in the Philippines was used by our director Tobias Schüßler to develop a new program with the team of our partner organization Project Life Subic. The aim is to bring the benefits of saving money to the participants of the trainings we support for industrial textile processors, which also to help them […]


Loosing your home

We actually wanted to visit Angelo – we drove almost an hour with the Jeepney, the typical public transportation of the Philippines. Angelo has renovated a beauty salon with our microcredit. We have not made an appointment as time and punctuality have a totally different meaning here. When we got off the jeep, we were […]



Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 48   Business: Delivery Service   Loan: 90 €   Susanna heard about us from her niece Sarah, who at the same time is her neighbor and just received her second micro loan. After presenting a promising business plan together with her loan application, the Project Life Subic team and […]


Together we Achieve More

Thanks to the amazing support of the matched giving campaign of our local bank we are able to sponsor 10 students in every batch of this year’s sewing classes of our partner Project Life Subic in the Philippines.  During his stay in the Philippines, our director Tobias Schüßler was able to personally hand over the […]

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My visit in the Slums

GMI member Andreas Schüßler from Hösbach visited our projects in the Philippines with our director Tobias Schüßler in April. He reports: “Crushing heat, tired dogs, houses without a floor – and in between: Laughing children – that’s what I perceive when I’m in a slum for the first time in my life. Apart from me, […]


Tobias Schüßler in the Philippines

In early April, our director Tobias Schüßler visited our partner organization Project Life Subic in the Philippines. Besides checking the accounts of our funds, Schüßler also visited current micro loan recipients and conducted interviews with potential borrowers. Schüßler reports: „The accounts of Project Life Subic were managed exemplary, with a discrepancy of approx. 30 cents. […]


10 Additional Trainings

Growing up without any real education, a monthly family income of 80 to 250 Euros, as well as living with several relatives in simple Two-bedroom apartments – all these commonalities are shared by the 10 women, aged 22 to 56, who are participating in our apprenticeship program as industrial seamstress in the Philippines. However, not […]


Sarah and Angelo

Two of our micro-borrowers live about an hour apart. Angelo and Sarah both grew up in poor conditions in the Philippines. Sarah lives in Olongapo City and Angelo in Subic. Beyond their living conditions, the two have one thing in common – they both successfully participated in our training program! Both wanted to provide for […]


How Tailor Trainings Transform Lives

Participants of our sponsored sewing training not only learn how to handle high-speed sewing machines, various yarns and fabrics. They also learn how to apply to local employers and convince them in a job interview, punctuality and reliability are also being worked on. At the end of last year, another group of students benefited from […]



Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 37   Business: Sari Sari Store   Loan: 83 €   Subic is a municipality in Zambales province and the site of a former U.S. military base at Subic Bay. Our micro-borrower Carina lives among approximately 100,000 inhabitants of the city. The 37-year-old mother lives in a small one-room-home with […]

Philippines: Childhood dreams

Every person has dreams, no matter what conditions they grow up in. The participants in the training program of Project Life Subic, our partner organization from the Philippines all have a less privileged background. GMI volunteer Anja interviewed 3 participants sponsored by us in the current course and wanted to know from them: “What was […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 33   Business: Sari-Sari Store   Loan: 90 €   33-year old Royane lives together with her family in their own home in Subic. Owning property is quite uncommon for most of the population due to high levels of destitution. Her husband Benwil works as a grinder and makes approximately […]

Three Ladies – one Goal

They all want to learn to sew through our training program or to develop their skills in order to have better prospects for the future and to be able to care for their families. One of the participants is the 27-year-old Analyn from Barretto. Together with her family she lives in a humble apartment. After […]


Place: Barretto, Philippinen   Age: 31   Business: Sari-Sari Store   Loan: 90 €   Olongapo is a city in the Southwestern part of Luzons, the largest island of the Philippines. The city is close to the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, which, until 1992, was a US marine base. The people there live in deprived […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 22  Business: Clothing Store   Loan: 90 €   Similar to some of our other micro entrepreneurs, 22-years old Angelie lives in Olongapo, the largest Filipino city close to Subic Bay. Angelie lives there with her husband and four children, who are aged between 1 – 6 years. At the moment, […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 50   Business: Sari-Sari Store   Loan: 50 €   As eldest sister and mother, Amy takes care of her youngest sister and her youngest brother, as well as her two sons, her daughter (29) and her granddaughter. This mix of generations is typical for a Filipino family from the […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 37   Business: Grocery Store   Loan: 90 €   After the separation from her husband, the 37-year-old Loren now lives together with her four children in Subic, a Philippine municipality in the province of Zambales. There, they inhabit a house with a small sales room, in which Loren sells […]

New Job Trainees in the Philippines

Our training participants could not be more different, yet they all have the same goal: they want to find a job after the apprenticeship to the industrial sewer with their acquired knowledge. Update September 2018 3 months after graduating, we contacted the three sponsored students. Jervie works in a computer store, where he earns more than minimum […]


Irene, Grace & April

Four more students have completed their course in the Philippines. Here you can find out who they are.     Irene, 52, has four childen. Even though the family is already quite large from a European perspective, they share their two rooms with other relatives in order to save money. After the training she will try […]

Version 2

Visiting a textile Company

Chairman Tobias Schüßler about his visit in two textile manufacturing plants:  One of my highlights of this years stay on the Philippines were the unannounced inspections of two textile manufacturing plants, which have employed some of our participants after their apprenticeship. We are often asked what kind of firms there are, as the textile industry […]


Place: Baretto, Philippines   Age: 25   Business: Tailorshop   Loan: 100€; 2 x 166€   Update September 2018 Now, Jenifer received another micro loan as she was not able to fulfill a large order without immediately getting an additional machine.    Update June 2018 Jenifer cancelled a third loan application. She had saved enough money to […]


Audit in the Philippines

Chairman Tobias Schüßler was able to travel to the Philippines on short notice. There, he visited our partner organization project life Subic, our our first partner organization since 2014 to give out micro loans for people in slums. „The most important part of my visits is doing an audit.“, explains Schüßler. „We can therefore ensure […]


Four Years Later

During his stay in the Philippines, Director Tobias Schüßler was able to visit Catherine as well. „In 2014, she was the first to receive a GMI micro loan,“ he explains. „Over the years, she improved her skills a lot. Today she is really confident and without outside help, finds new ways to sell her products.“ […]

Students Philippines

Four more students have completed their course in the Philippines. Here you can find out who they are.  Belen is 47-years old and lives in a small town, approximately one hour from our partner organisation Project Life. Her husband works as a welder for a shipyard and yet, just about manages to sustain the family. The […]


Place: Matain, Philippines   Age: 32   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 192€; 96€   Update November 2017 The latest trend in the Philippines: Hello Kitty products. The single mom knows how to make use of this opportunity and also produces Hello Kitty bags. For a bulk order of the respective materials she received another micro loan.  […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 49   Costs: 90€   The 49-year-old Haydee lives together with her husband and their five children in a small house in Olongapo City. Her husband works as a taxi driver and by this, takes care of the family. But Haydee wants to support her husband and her family as well, […]


Place: Olangapo, Philippines   Age: 55   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 192€; 96€   Update October 2017 In the strictly catholic Philippines, Christmas season traditionally starts in September. This is the best time to sell, so Emencita wants to increase her production to benefit from the situation. In order to buy in bulk in Manila, she […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 50   Costs: 90€   Like most people in Olongapo City, the 50-year-old Heidi struggles daily to take care of her family. She lives together with her husband and their two children. She takes part in our program to learn more about producing clothes. After the apprenticeship, Heidi would like to […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 49   Costs: 90€   Marilyn lives in Calapandayan Subic, Philippines with her two children and her husband. Her husband is pastor in a small church. The ambitious 49-year-old does not only take part in our apprenticeship program to learn sewing school uniforms and dresses but she also wants to find […]

Another Batch Graduated

Another batch of sponsored students has graduated from their class. in this group, we sponsored 4 of them. With the certificate they now hold, finding a permanent job is way easier. Thank you all for your donations to make this possible!


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 41   Costs: 90€   Like many of our participants Loredel Rodavia is from Olango on the Philippines. The 41-year-old lives in a small three-bedroom house with her family and relatives. Her husband works as a mechanic to care for his family. Loredel decided to take part in our apprenticeship program […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 36   Costs: 90€   This is Jenny and she’s 36 years old. She currently lives at La union street Barretto Olongapo City. In her family she has 6 members including her 4 siblings and her parent’s works as a sewer. She is single and the reason she participated in our sewing […]


Place: Barretto, Philippines   Age: 36   Costs: 90€   This is Agnes and she’s 36 years old. She currently lives at Baretto Olongapo City. In her family she has 4 members including her 3 children and her husband works as a butcher. Her family lives together with her mother-in-law in a small apartment so that they […]


Place: Olongapo City, Philippines   Age: 30   Business: Street Food   Loan: 125€   Cindy lives with her 11-year old daughter Charlotte in Olongapo City in the Philippines. The 30-year old never had an easy life. With her husband and her daughter, Cindy lived for a long time at her parents in one of the cities […]


Place: Barretto, Philippines   Age: 25   Costs: 90€   Jenifer is 25 years old. She currently lives in Barretto but originally she’s from Bulacan province. In her family she has 13 members including her 11 siblings and her parents. Her mother works as a sewer and her father has no work.  She moved here in Olongapo […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 54   Costs: 90€   This is Teresa and she’s 54 years old. She currently lives in Olongapo City. In her family she has 3 members including her 2 children and her husband works as a driver. Her family lives together with their other relatives in a small 3 room house so […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 20   Costs: 90€   Menche lives together with her 5 siblings and her parents. Menche’s father is a construction foreman and her mother works as a street sweeper at their barangay.  Menche participated in the sewing program as she not only wanted to learn how to sew but also improve her […]


Place: Castillejos, Philippines   Age: 36   Costs: 90€   This is Maria Leonora Novales, a 36 year-old currently living at P-4 Barangay Del Pilar, Castillejos Zambales. Maria’s husband works as a tricycle driver and he earns 300p per day. They been living together for 20 years and they have 6 children. Their living situation is manageable […]


Place: Olongapo, Philippines   Age: 18   Costs: 90€   Paula has 3 siblings and her step-father works as a construction worker in Hanjin Company while her mother works as a beautician. Paula participated in sewing training as she wants to be able to find a job in the clothing industry one day. According to her, the training […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 38   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 96€   Update May 2017 Aireen fully repaid her microloan in advance. About Aireen Aireen lives together with her husband and three children in Subic, Philippines. Until recently, the woman had to stay at home and take care of the family as her husband lived abroad for […]


Place: Subic, Philippines  Age: 33  Business: Tailor Shop  Loan: 96€   North of Subic Bay, not far from the international cooperations in the freeport zone, the small town Subic with its 90.000 inhabitants is located. This is where Alimie lives together with her husband and child. Her husband’s unemployment is a big financial challenge for […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 26   Costs: 90€   Update March 2017 Motivated by the positive experiences at Project Life, Alaysa now takes part another qualificationprogram.   About Alaysa Alaysa is married and has 2 children. The family lives together in a small house with her in-laws and other relatives. Her husband works as a construction worker […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 19   Costs: 90€   Update March 2017 A few weeks after Graduating, Stephen found a job in a nearby company.   About Stephen Steven is from the countryside, yet is currently living in Olongapo with his grandparents and other relatives. After High School he took part in a training program in […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 38   Costs: 90€   Update November 2016 Aireen received a micro loan in order to start her own tailor shop.   About Aireen Until recently, Aireen was predominantly a housewife as well as a mother of three. To increase the income of her family, she sold products for the make-up brand […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 44   Costs: 90€   Helen lives together with her husband and her five children in Subic. Until recently she took care of her family as a housewife, however, her passion is sewing. Helen’s sister encouraged her to make an apprenticeship at Project Life in order to make money with her talent: […]


Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 19   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 98€   So far, April is the youngest participant in our program. Furthermore, she is also the first one to take up study at university as it is her dream to become a teacher. With the microloan she bought a sewing machine as well as cloth […]