In early April, our director Tobias Schüßler visited our partner organization Project Life Subic in the Philippines. Besides checking the accounts of our funds, Schüßler also visited current micro loan recipients and conducted interviews with potential borrowers.

Tobias reports:
„The accounts of Project Life Subic were managed exemplary, with a discrepancy of approx. 30 cents. As expected, this is again a very positive result. My visits on site are also very useful in order to recapitualte the past year together with the entire Project Life team, as well as to understand where we can improve things and what else we can do to further help our participants. Via email and Skype, all this unfortunatley hardly possible.

When we visited Sarah and Susanna, for example, I noticed that both women had difficulties in determining the profits of their micro businesses. Here, we were quickly able to help and could provide them with a simple bookeeping system, adapted to their individual situations. Sarah was very enthusiastic, as she now knew exactly how much she was able to save for the college education of her two sons while at the same time being able to increase the inventory of her small store. These trainings are free of charge for our participants and we will now promote them more actively during the repayment cycle.

Furthermore, we jointly developed a format in which we will invite current and former project participants to regular seminars. There, they will be able to learn from one another and can discuss ideas for their businesses. The first such event is already planned for this coming June.

I was very encouraged by this year‘s visit. With Project Life Subic we have a young and very dedicated team that shares our vision to empower the people around Olongapo City to live a better and more independent life. I am excited for the coming year!