Our aim to open a bank account for all of our microloan participants is progressing during September. The representatives of our partner organization “Gema Alam” regularly visit our microloan participants. During these visits our participants aquire knowledge for the use and “risks” of owning a bank account. To our regret – some of our microloan participants are sceptical of using mobile-banking and accept digital forms of payments. Especially elder participants prefer to pay with cash.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a time of hardship for all of us troughout the world. Sadly, with the pandemic and current measures to avoid any contact – it is much harder to pay with cash. For this reason, “Gema Alam” aims to show the importance and benefits of owning a bank account and use mobile-banking for our participants.

An Example – This month “Gema Alam” has visited Nurjani and Inak Damah. Both are women from Indonesia. Nurjani and Inak Damah run their own business. “Gema Alam” gets a better insight of our participants business while they can extract our participants needs and wishes in order to success any coming challenge or problem.

Opening a bank account isn´t the only deal. The improvement of their businesses and use of potentials is also of great importance during these visits. The improvement of products or varieties is playing a vital role for most of these businesses. Inak Demah offers a great variety of cakes for her customers. Many customers are amazed and satisfied with her varieties of cakes and she amazes new customers with it as well.

The individual consultation of our partner organizations e.g. “Gema Alam” succesfully supports our microloan participants in exploiting their potentials. Through increasing their product offerings or opening bank accounts – all participants benefit. We as the team of GMI are happy that our participants can expand or increase their income with their small businesses. It´s our aim to support them and also help them to improve in order to life a better life.

Translation Mustafa