Update: a bank account for all participants

Sri Hartini, Nely Sopiana,Siti Hidayati and Ecik (1)

Our new major project “One bank account for all” has been launched. We are happy to announce that the first three microcredit borrowers from Indonesia are now the proud owners of a bank account.

Our digital ambassador, Rizal, reports on the procedure and the challenges it has created: “We encountered some difficulties in opening the accounts and in mobile banking. The first difficulty was that the project participants lacked technological understanding, which slowed down the process and made it necessary to explain many things to them in more detail”. In addition, there were missing required documents and lengthy approval processes from the banks. Our Indonesian partner organization has learned what to look out for in the next applications and would like to prepare the participants even better for the process from now on to make it easier for everyone.

In the end, however, everything worked out and the day was a complete success. Sri Hartini, Siti Hidayati and Nely Sopiana were finally able to open their first own bank account with the option of using mobile banking. After the accounts were opened, the three women had to be made aware of the dangers of mobile banking, i.e. banking via mobile devices. They were shown how to operate an ATM and how to protect their own data and thus their own money from danger and fraudsters.

They are now more flexible and can have their microloans disbursed and repaid more easily – and all this also online. Thus, it is guaranteed that the distance regulations and contact restrictions in times of COVID-19 are kept and nobody is endangered. Next, Rizal wants to create a small video tutorial for the participants of the initiative to make the project better known on the one hand and to take away any fears of the new technology on the other.




Translator: Ronja