Update from Lombok


The strenghening of women’s rights and the economic development of village communities – those are the goals of the non-profit organisation Gema Alam on the Indonesian island Lombok, with which we’ve been working together for nearly a year now. In Suela, a village close to a much used road by Indonesian tourists to a popular national park, we currently facilitate the building of a tourist information centre, which includes a coffee shop with its own coffee roasting machine. Gema Alam supports the people there and develops with them marketing strategies.

Five interested entrepreneurs have formed the village cooperative ‘FORMULA’ and received their first grouploan. After the credit had been paid back, the investment’s impact was clearly visible. What used to be a simple hut a couple of months ago is now a typical Indonesian tourist information centre. ‘Apart from the coffee, ginger extract and other goods that we grow, we sell clothes, blankets and sleeping bags’, tells us Arifin, the 31-year old director of ‘FORMULA’. ‘In addition, we offer overnight stays and tours to tourists.’

The weaver community in the neighbouring village of Pringgasela has repaid their first round of micro credit successfully, too. ‘Before the credit, every weaver has sold her products individually’, explains Zicko, the director of Gema Alam. ‘Now we’ve opened a shop, which delivers to those selling the handmade Sarongs and scarfs in the tourist areas. For the women, this means an entirely new way of selling their products and many profit from higher revenues.’

It is solely through your donations that we can extent the cooperation to four more villages. Support us here.


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