Lorena was given a loan last October 4, 2019; her plan was to start a piggery business with only one gilt (female pig). She used the money that she received from us through breeding it and providing feeds. After 6 months of taking care of her pig she was able to produce 8 healthy piglets.

In spite of the pandemic crisis that we are facing now, Lorena is determine and positive in her business that it will help her in the near future to earn money. She’s doing her best to really take good care of them and the nutrients that they needed. GMI helps her a lot to achieved this procedure of multiplying her piggery through the training and generosity that was provided for her.

We are under-community quarantine for almost 4 months now; one of the things that she’s able to help serve the community during this trying time is to help deliver bag of groceries to each barangay (neighborhood) that was provided by the government. At the same time, she’s contacting different people promoting her piggery business by making a contract with them to buy her piglets when its ready to go. In this reason, she wanted to avail of another loan from GMI so that she could continue growing her piggery business.

Lorena’s motivation and dedication has helped her family to be productive during this locked down here in the Philippines. Also, she is excited to do another business in the near future when everything is back to normal. But for now, she’s living one day at a time to help her business grow and be positive in life even in the midst of this pandemic crisis.

Lorena received a second loan in late June to expand her piggery even further

Author: Anthony