Meet our entrepreneurs: Sohiri

Sohrini is a grocer and goes from door to door every day to sell her goods. Together with her husband, who is a bamboo weaver, she works hard to offer the two children a perspective for the future and to finance their children's education. With the help of the GMI microcredit she wants to fulfill her dream of owning her own store.

Meet our entrepreneurs: Haryanto

Hariyanto runs a small shop where he offers products for daily needs and sells snacks and drinks. After the strong earthquake on the Indonesian island Lombok, his home was damaged. Hariyanto was busy for weeks with the repairs to get his family back from the emergency shelter. The GMI microloan enabled him to re-build his store.

Beyond Micro Lending!

Get some impressions of how we support our project participants. The aim of this two-day business management training on Lombok was to give our microcredit borrowers the opportunity to expand their business management skills and develop new ideas in a mutual exchange. As soon as the current corona restrictions are over, we intend to offer more of our training courses and seminars again! 

Come visit our projects in Indonesia!

In this video, we show you our projects in Denpasar area, Bali and Eastern Lombok - get to know the people we help with micro loans and skill trainings!

A big Thank You to ConWeimar for making this film!

Meet our program participants: Jennifer

Jennifer participated in a training program, sponsored by us. Then we gave her two micro loans and today she runs her own, successful design studio! In this short video you can learn more about her.

Meet our program participants: Siti

Siti received a series of micro loans and today she runs her own, successful small restaurant, called Warung! In this short video you can learn more about her.

"The fact that people had to live in and from garbage shocked me to the core. How desperate does one have to be to sell their own children in some cases, just to feed the rest of the family?" Tobias Schüßler about his experiences in the Philippines and the founding of Global Micro Initiative.

In this video, you learn more about the beginnings of our work in South East Asia.

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