Check out our partner organization: BPR SIWI

Recently, the first training event on online lending for our small business owners was held in Bali, Indonesia. The event was led by our new partner organization BPR-SIWI. BPR SIWI captured the impressions in this video.

Meet our entrepreneurs: Wardah

Wardah, a 40-year-old Indonesian woman, became the family’s main breadwinner through her business idea of producing and selling kerupuk (Indonesian crackers). With the help of our microloan, she was able to build up a small family business.

Meet our entrepreneurs: Sohiri

Sohrini is a grocer and goes from door to door every day to sell her goods. Together with her husband, who is a bamboo weaver, she works hard to be able to offer her two children a perspective for the future and to finance their schooling. With the help of the GMI microcredit, she wants to fulfill her dream of having her own store.

Meet our entrepreneurs: Hariyanto

Hariyanto, an Indonesian, runs a small store where he offers everyday products and sells snacks and drinks. After the strong earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok, his home was damaged. Hariyanto was busy for weeks with the repairs to be able to bring his family back from the emergency shelter. Thanks to the GMI microloan, he was able to re-equip his store.

More than Microcredit!

Get some impressions of how we support our project participants. The goal of this two-day business management training on Lombok was to offer our microcredit participants the opportunity to expand their business management skills and to develop new ideas through mutual exchange. As soon as the current exit restrictions are over, we want to offer our trainings and seminars more frequently again.

Check out our projects in Indonesia!

Accompany our CEO Tobias Schüßler on his visits to our project participants. His journey takes him to Denpasar, Bali and to the east of Lombok. Get to know the people who are able to receive microcredits and counseling thanks to your donations!

Many thanks to ConWeimar for this film!

Meet our entrepreneurs: Jennifer

Jennifer participated in a training program we sponsored. She then received two microloans and now runs a successful design studio! In this short video, you’ll get to know Jennifer and her home.

Meet our entrepreneurs: Siti

Siti received several microloans and runs a successful small snack bar called a warung! Watch the video and learn more about Siti!

“The fact that people have to live in garbage and from garbage shocked me deeply. How desperate must they be that they sometimes even sell their own children just to feed the rest of the family?” Tobias Schüßler on his experiences in the Philippines and the founding of the Global Micro Initiative.