The Corona crisis is also driving the digitalization of our processes and activities at GMI and our partner organization Project Life. In addition to enabling online banking, the first official webinar was held on October 5, 2020 with nine of our Philippine microcredit borrowers. For two and a half hours, the participants listened intently to business consultant Johnrick Cepeda, who talked about topics such as social media, their potential and dangers

Cepeda began by explaining to the participants that setting concrete goals helps us to realize our dreams. Here it is of high importance to introduce habits into our daily lives which will help us in our own business and personal development. Another important factor that contributes to the success of one’s own business is trusting in oneself and one’s own strengths.

Cepeda also reported on the possibilities of developing the participants companies during the Corona crisis, for example by expanding the product range to include medicines or disinfectants and thus adapting it to the current demand. He encouraged microcredit borrowers to advertise their products and their business on social media while keeping an eye on the dangers of the Internet. “At the end of the day it is important never to stop learning and gaining new experiences,” Cepeda summarized.

After the presentation open questions were answered. At the end of the webinar, all participants were able to round off the evening with a sumptuous dinner sponsored by GMI. All in all, the webinar was a complete success and showed that despite the current situation and local separation, it is possible to ensure that all microloan recipients stay connected with each other by bringing them together digitally.


Translator: Ronja