Visiting Kasmiati


In the village of Wanasaba we visit Kasmiati. Since our partner organisation Gema Alam does not carry out projects in Wanasaba otherwise, Kasmiati is the only participant. She heard about Gema Alam’s projects and the micro-credits because she is a member of a village cooperative in the neighbouring village. The small hut consists of a bamboo mesh, so that the air inside does not get too hot and stuffy even at 30 degrees outside temperature. Except for an ancient tube TV and a table, there is no furniture in the hut. We visitors sit down on a mat on the floor.


Juaini of Gema Alam explains to us that Kasmiati sells roasted kidney beans and peanuts. Every day, she buys several kilos of the raw beans and nuts, roasts them and then packs them into small packs. These are then delivered to stalls on the market and resold.

“I’ve been doing this for years,” explains the 40-year-old widow. “When my husband died, I had to continue to make money. I also have a daughter and I want her to be able to finish her studies. With the proceeds from my business, I can pay her the fees. ”

We ask her about the microcredit, equivalent to about €130, which she received a few months ago. ‘It’s made it a lot easier. Before that, I always had to go to the market and shop for the nuts and beans. That was expensive and took a lot of time. Now a 20kg sack is delivered to my home every day, I couldn’t have afforded that before. Now I’m not only saving money on shopping, but also have more time for production.”


We thank all our donors who made these improvements possible for Kasmiati!