From Dream to Reality

Lorna R. Lizada

During your childhood you have many dreams. Some of the following women would have wished to save lives as a doctor, go to the police, or travel around the world as a stewardess. But in a poor country like the Philippines, education is expensive, and many locals have no choice but to work in low-paid jobs.

Our Philippine partner organization Project Life Subic offers a training program for industrial seamstresses in order to give the participants better prospects for their future. Among other things, the women learn how to maintain and operate a sewing machine. In addition to the basics of industrial textile processing, they are also able to acquire important soft skills.


This time, our partner organization welcomed nine participants to its program:

Marivic Cambe (47 J.), single parent, 2 children
Lorna Lizada (47 J.), single parent, 7 children
Gerlie Magtoto (23 J.), single, no children
Jenifer Pajon (35 J.), single parent, 3 children
Werlina Barnillo (42 J.), single parent, 4 children
Shiela Mae Martin (41 J.), married, 2 children
Dianalyn Aquino (30 J.), single parent, 2 children
Nilda Aquino (44 J.), single parent, 1 children
Jovelyn Sanchez (38 J.), single, no children

Most of the women are from the Zambales province, their families averagely earn no more than 160 Euro per month. This is not very much, considering that the majority of these women are single parents and have to look after more than two children. Many came to the training program with the aim of learning how to sew and to open their own small sewing shop with the newly acquired knowledge.

Dianalyn and Lorna were also asked what dreams they had as children and both replied that they wanted to become seamstresses. It is nice to see that some of our participants were able to fulfill a childhood dream through the education that you, our donors, gave them. But not only that – through the numerous donations it is now possible for the women to improve their life situation and also that of their children.

“In the last three weeks I have learned a lot and I have enjoyed it very much. The program opens up more opportunities to us for the future,” says Gerlie, the youngest participant of the course. Overall, all women are happy with their new opportunities and newly acquired skills. The positive feedback from the participants spurs us on to expand the projects in the Philippines further.

Translated by: Ronja