Volcanic Eruption on Bali

Risa 1

Mount Agung on Bali is expected to erupt, forcing thousands of people in the East of Bali to evacuate. Hermanto participated in our program until April this year and delivered motorcycle spareparts mainly to clients in the affected region. Because of the current crisis, his business collapsed.

Normally, this would mean big trouble for the family of four. 

However, thanks to our support, Hermanto’s wife Risa has received a micro loan in order to start her own small business. She became so successful that she even contributed more than half of the familiy income. The family is of course still affected by the situation, albeit not as badly as it would have been without Risa’s business.

And most of all: for the first time, the family was able to deal with an economic shock this size alone and did not have to rely on others.