Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 45  
Business: Offerings  
Loan: 2x 70 €


Update December 2018

In December, a lot of Hindu Holidays were coming up. In order to satisfy the higher demand for offerings, Wardani received a second micro loan of 70 Euro.

About Wardani

Wardani is from the Balinese capital Denpasar, Ardiasa from the impoverished north of Bali. After the two met as neighbors in Denpasar in 2006, they decided to marry in 2007 and now have a son and daughter together, both still attending school. The family lives in their own little house, which they have built themselves. The property lease of about 200€ is due every year. Ardiasa currently works at a computer school. To pay for the cost of living and financially support the family, Wardani set up her own business earlier this year.

Although Bali belongs to Muslim Indonesia, it is largely Hindu. As an island of gods and demons, the inhabitants put up countless small bowls (Ceper) for their offerings, which stand on the floor, on walls or in shrines. These bowls are mostly small baskets woven from palm leaves and contain flowers, oils, salt, money or other ingredients as offerings to expect protection in return and a rich harvest from the gods. Wardani, however, produces these sacrificial shells not from palm leaves, but rather coconut leaves. Depending on prayer and sacrifice, different forms and materials are used for this purpose.

She currently has three regular customers who buy a total of about 1,500 units every day. This earns her about €18 a day, of which she remains a profit of just €4.80.

With our microcredit of around €70, Wardani can buy the ingredients for production in larger quantities at a lower price. Thus, she remains a higher win at the end of the day and she can support her family even better.