What happens afterwards?


We introduce you regularly to the stories of the people who have received micro loans from us for their small enterprises. But what happens when the loan is paid back, maybe even a second or a third one? How do our participants go on with their lives?

I would like to show you with an example: Sriami from Indonesia bakes and sells traditional biscuits. After three micro loans, she was able to raise her income by 10% until she reached her personal capacity. Therefore, she used her fourth micro loan to hire her first employee! ‘My business grew so fast over the past year that I could simply not handle everything by myself.’, tells us the micro entrepreneur. ‘Now I can use my success to give another person the chance to work, this is a huge step for me.’

For us, this is a huge step as well, as Sriami is our first participant who was able to hire someone through participating in our program. A success that shows us the influence of our work is not limited to our participants and their families.