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Already thought about Christmas? Order handmade Christmas cards from Thailand and help people!

For about a year now, GMI is also engaged in Pattaya, Thailand. We work with the Tamar Center, a local nonprofit foundation that enables victims of human trafficking to start a new life.
When the women come to Tamar Center, they have little or no professional experience, apart from their old work as prostitutes. This is why in addition to counseling, they do a relatively ‚easy‘ job: manufacturing handmade greeting cards, where they have to concentrate on creative design, as well as on cutting and glueing. The proceeds help in funding other activities from Tamar and the women also get a share in profits.

The Tamar Center sells these beautiful handmade cards in their online shop. With shopping at Tamar, you support the women on their way to a life outside of prostitution and thus enable them a regulated income to be able to care for themselves and their families. So you can do something good twice: send handmade Christmas greetings to friends and family, which will delight the recipients and at the same time empower Thai women to a better future.

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