We are 100!

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Volunteering as a matter of the heart – 100th member of the sponsorship comes from Karlstein

Helping people to help themselves. Encouraging people to achieve their goals and to realize their dreams. For Marcus Meinl, this has long been a personal concern. Now he is working together with us, Global Micro Initiative e.V..

Five years after GMI was launched, our founder Tobias Schüßler was able to welcome the 100th supporting member: mits group GmbH from Karlstein am Main with its CEO, Marcus Meinl. During a visit to Asia a few years ago, Meinl was deeply impressed by the strong will and perseverance of the people to improve their own situation and escape the misery. To this day, he is convinced that people who are committed must be supported. In an interview with our volunteers Susann Sparwasser and Miriam Kalkbrenner from the PR team, Meinl reveals how he became aware of our initiative and what our organization means to him.

How did you become aware of us?

The contact with GMI came about through my daughter, who attends the Paul-Gerhardt-Economics-School in Kahl, where Silvia, co-founder of GMI, works as a secretary.

What prompted you to become a member?

I find the subject of microcredit very interesting as it is an instrument to help the “little ones” in the world. In addition, GMI creates a direct link with the project participants through the accompanying consultation. Thus, the whole thing is more personal, and the help takes place on an equal footing.

What do you particularly like about GMI?

I particularly like the fact that the funding goes directly to the people themselves, which creates a personal connection to the projects. The participant is addressed individually and even if something goes wrong and a loan cannot be repaid directly, the persons are not given up, but get a second chance.

What does “Social Justice” mean to you?

For me, social justice means that the use of means and rights takes place regardless of status and religions but is based on the needs of those who require it. That’s exactly what GMI does.

What does your GMI membership mean to you?

I think it is good that I can make a small contribution. I like to get involved, that’s fun for me!

You have already heard something about GMI; what three values come to mind spontaneously when you think of Global Micro Initiative?

Personal engagement on both sides, both on the part of the recipients and on the part of GMI. Justice. Balance. It is not difficult for me to contribute a small part, but it can make a difference.

At this point we would like to thank the more than 100 members as well as the numerous donors and helpers. With your support, we can accompany people on their way to a better and self-determined life. Thank you, Marcus Meinl for the interview and your support of the Global Micro Initiative e.V.!