4 years passed since Perpetua became self-employed with her own sari-sari store. Perpetua is a 70-year-old retired high school teacher. Besides fulfilling her dream with her own shop, she was also able to take care of her beloved grandchildren and, by that, support her children. Her ultimate goal is to finance a good education for her grandchildren with the money she makes by running her own business.

The current Covid19-Pandemic causes enormous challenges for Perpetua. Last year the government ordered a shutdown which did not allow people in her community to leave their residence. This communal shutdown caused a particularly difficult situation for her and her store. But in spite of all the major setbacks, Perpetua did not give up and her sari-sari store with various products continues to exist successfully – but now in the second generation through her children. Due to her age, Perpetua successfully passed her business on to her children earlier this year.

Despite her age, she was not afraid of digital alternatives for making business and took advantage of the app GCash in her sari-sari store before handing it over to her children. With slight amusement Perpetua admits that the use of GCash proved to be very difficult in the beginning and she didn’t even want to process payments digitally. Project Life Subic, partner organization of Global Micro Initiative e.V. in the Philippines, stepped in to support Perpetua in using GCash by explaining the benefits and ease of use of the app to her. The 70-year-old entrepreneur was happy to pass on this knowledge and the benefits to her successors. They enjoy the smooth transactions with suppliers and customers – also to be able to pay the weekly invoices in an uncomplicated and secure way.

We wish great success, health and all the best for Perpetua’s and her children’s future especially during the current hardships of the Covid19-Pandemic.

Translation: Mustafa