We were able to grant new microloans in Lombok after several months of delay with payouts. Our microloan participants in Indonesia´s island Lombok are severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions on daily life.

Our new microloan participants consist of 7 small business owners which are distributed in 5 different villages in the east of Lombok. The granted microloans at a range from € 60 to € 120. Nurjani is a 37-year-old woman from a remote village named Bebidas. She´s been selling products door-to-door e.g. Eggs, Vegetables or Fish to other villagers. Her dream to own her own small sales booth in front of her house was accomplished with the granted microloan for Nurjani. She´s been able to redeem her loan even during the hardship of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. She demanded another microloan in order to extend her product offers and provide more variety for her customers. Nurjani shows great effort in her business and therefore we are happy to provide her a new microloan to extend her product variety. Another participant is the 28-year-old Afriandi from a village named Damai. He´s a small business owner and makes a living by selling renting hiking equipment and selling household appliances. His business was severely hit by the pandemic and its restrictions, which lowered the number of his customers tremendously. His revenue increased slightly as restrictions were eased. His revenue increased slightly as restrictions were eased.

Tobias Schuessler, CEO of Global Micro Initiative, explains: “Our Microloan participants are small business owners who make a living with selling vegetables, fruits and other foods or rent hiking gear or self-made garments. Depending on the loan amount, our participants have a 6 to 12 months maturity for redeeming the microloan. An additional benefit for our participants is to get schooling and consulting for their business and projects. Gema Alam is a partner organization in Indonesia and they help by publishing photos and videos of products and produce of our microloan participants´ business on social media. With social media it´s easier for our microloan participants to find new customers within the pandemic.”

“Our participants faced hardships during the pandemic but none of them had to shut down their business luckily. Sadly, the revenue of most business owners slumped tremendously. Many customers got lost due to their termination from work and their decreased income for consumption. But GMI is happy that our participants, e.g. Nurjani and Afriandi continued to accomplish their dreams within the pandemic and improve their business with creativity. The financial aspect isn´t our only target with our microloan programme. Our partner, e.g. Gema Alam improves the Marketing and Sales strategy of our participants. This enables our participants to be more successful in the future with their business.”

We wish great success to all of our microloan participants’ businesses.

Author: Silvia
Translation: Mustafa