Muliana, a 20-year-old Indonesian woman from a small village named Kelayu runs her own shop in a male-dominated area. A few months before she had to walk a long way through mud and a gravelled road just to get to the nest supermarket. Global Micro Initiative has helped her with a microloan. We help Women in Lombok since Autumn 2017 to pursue a self-determined life in cooperation with our partner, an Indonesian non-profit organization named Gema Alam NTB.

Thanks to Muliana´s shop the villagers in Kelayu can get groceries and other goods in easy walking distance. Our microloan has enabled this to benefit the whole community. People from poor regions in Indonesia can contact us with the help of our cooperation partner Gema Alam NTB. This ensures an opportunity for people to do business as Muliana did. Women in villages like Kelayu aren´t equally treated as their male counterparts. “But this changes when families are better off with the successful business of the women” says Juaini, a project manager from Gema Alam NTB.

Our microloans can help Women to successfully start a business or improve it. This is vital in areas where women have zero access to the common world of business and banking. But examples as Muliana show us that even women from these areas can increase the household income and thus improve their position in their family and society. Global Micro Initiative has treated Muliana as an equal business partner. Juaini confirmed us that the village respects Muliana as a businesswoman and that she has improved her self-confidence.

Another woman who has improved her living condition with the aid of us and our partner organization Gema Alam NTB is named Komala. She´s a 70-year-old widow who lives together with her daughter. When she was younger her Mother taught her the traditional weaving. A microloan of € 135 has enabled her to run her own gallery and sell her weaving products. Thanks to this successful business she can finance the education of her children up to High School.

Also Murniati, a-43-year old woman has improved her living condition thanks to our microloan. Before our help Murniati was working hard on the fields and was running her own small shop in Lombok. She also went door by door with a basket to sell her produce to the villagers. Although she´s been working very hard, her and her husband’s income weren´t enough to finance the education of their children. Global Micro Initiative´s microloan of € 65 helped her to buy new goods and increase her income.

We want to improve the position of women in villages and support sustainable agriculture together with our partner organization Gema Alam NTB in Lombok – Indonesia. Gema Alam NTB helps 6 remote villages in Lombok since 10 years with the aim to improve these communities economically.

“We´re happy to cooperate with Gema Alam NTB and improve the position of women in the communities of Lombok” says Tobias Schuessler, CEO of Global Micro Initiative.