On March 2, 2020, 11 aspiring women and our GMI representatives Anthony, Gilbert and Melinda came together to celebrate the International Women’s Day at the Project Life Subic Center in the Philippines. This year’s motto was “we make a change for women”. The gathered women aim to be successful in life and in business. International Women’s Day brings special attention to all the motivated and dedicated women of this generation. The day at the Project Life Subic Center began by hearing some of the personal success stories of the program participants. They all explained how GMI has helped them to be productive and has given them the opportunity to make a change in their own lives.

One of these women was Susana Nemenzo who wanted to express her great gratitude for GMI’s help: “Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I have been in the GMI program for a year and a half now and through your help I was able to send my children to school and I am earning more now during the same time.” Regina Viana also told the group about how her life has changed for the better in such a short time and had some special words of gratitude addressed to our founders Marion, Silvia and Tobias: “I am a new participant of this program, but I can tell how my life has been so good because of GMI’s generosity and kindness. I will forever be grateful to the founders of GMI for empowering people like me!”

After the testimonials, everyone was enjoying some fun games which had the primary goal to strengthen the group dynamics by working together as a team and reaching their goals by being creative. Every person was happy to be there and you could see the gratefulness in their eyes for all the accomplishments they had achieved through the support of GMI.

At the end, Joann Remorin, who is a business consultant, gave them advice and shared strategies with them on how they could grow their businesses through these basic steps:
Learning basic accounting and the means of recording the profit and the expenses.
Doing inventory of the items and the means of listing which product sells the best and which one does not.

Advertising and the technology to promote their products through social media and online selling.
All in all, it was a very productive day for the gathered women. Everyone was happy to have been there and the participants have learned so much from each other. Project Life Subic and GMI invited the women to a nice lunch to round off the celebration pleasantly. Once again it was testified how the program makes a change for women in the Philippines.

Author: Anthony