Place: Badung, Bali, Indonesia  
Age: 24  
Business: Internet-Installation  
Loan: IDR 2 Mil./117 €


Bagus is a 24-year-old man who lives in Badung – a regency in the Indonesian island Bali. He lives together with his wife and their newborn child in a 16m² apartment. The small apartment in which they live also serves as their storage room for their working materials and tools. His wife runs a business with selling self-made Indonesian rice to local food booths commonly known as “Warungs” in Indonesia. She gets help for her sales from Bagus´ mother and thanks to her aid she can take care of their child while earning a small income for the family.

Bagus runs his own internet installation business since 2017 in Java, Indonesia’s but also the world’s most populous island. While he was just 21 when starting his business, Bagus now makes a living in Bali by installing internet cables and systems. The installation of internet systems and cables is done with his colleague on dizzying heights of about 15 – 20 meters on top of main roads between individual houses and offices. The importance of good equipment is essential for his work and future orders. The height isn´t the only hazard as internet towers and masts run with electricity. For this reason, Bagus has applied for a microloan of IDR 2 Million (~€117) to renew his equipment e.g., a new ladder, uniform, cables and professional tools.

Translation: Mustafa P.