Place: Selong, Indonesia  
Age: 30  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 14€


As a small neighbouring island of Bali, the island Lombok receives only little attention. With its magnificent nature, high mountains and friendly inhabitants, Lombok is equally charming. Thanks to our partner organisation Gema Alam we got to know 30-year old Yon. His parents moved to Mataram in 1989 , Lombok’s capital city. In 2010, Yon returned to his home town in Western Lombok where he lived from 2011 until recently with his grandmother. Now, the 30-year old lives in his own house – very rare for singles in Indonesia.
In 2011, Yon worked as a guide for tours through the Lombok’s mountains. Depending on the season, he was able to earn up to 57 euros a month. Besides his employment as a guide, he also rented out outdoor equipment such as tents, mattresses or climbing gear to earn extra money. He quit his job as tour guide and started his own business in 2015. Being self-employed, however, Yon did nit have a secure income. To change this, he had to start working as a construction worker and in the bamboo business. He earned approximately 42 euros a month.
Last year, Yon received a microcredit of 14 euros from us which he used to start his own business selling credit for cell phones. Thanks to this business, he was already able to make 27 euros after only a month and thus improve his overall living standard significantly.

Gallery Yon

Gallery Yon
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