Pattaya is a city in southern Thailand and famous for it ́s vibrant nightlife. Pla was
18 years old when she moved to Pattya, originally from the north of Thailand. She
came to the city like many other Thai women from rural areas who seek to earn
more money in order to support their family. Like Pla, many of them work as
prostitutes or as a gogo dancers in a bar.

Pla is 21 now and a single mother of 3 children. She decided to change her life
when she gave birth to her third child. She contacted our partner organization
Tamar Center to seek help. Tamar Center aims to get young women out of their
environment and free them from their pimps. With our co-sponsoring, Pla started
an apprenticeship in April 2019 as a cook as it is her goal to work in gastronomy.
She managed to learn in a few months’ time to cook Thai food and also western
cuisine, as well as preparing drinks. With her apprenticeship, Pla now has the
chance to get employed in the sector of gastronomy. She likes to be a chef and
wants to continue this job to support her family.