Would you like to know who is running our projects in the Philippines, in Indonesia or in Thailand and who makes sure that you know what happened to your donation? Then you have come to the right place: In our new series we introduce the people behind our partner organization to you. Today: Anthony Agones, Managing Director of Project Life Subic (PLS) in the Philippines

As Anthony is only 25 years old. All the more amazing is his story and the fact that he was appointed Managing Director of PLS last year.

Anthony spent most of his years as teenager in a slum in Olongapo City. When he was 14 years old, he worked 12 hours a day washing dishes in a local canteen. The he earned no more than 35 euros a month. However, he was dependent on this job so he could attend high school. Anthony still remembers exactly how he became part of PLS: It was a Friday afternoon in 2007 when a friend invited him to participate in a youth program of the organization after work. Anthony still fancies this step in his life: ‘The people there were very warm. For the first time in my life I felt valuable and I enjoyed the free snacks.’ At that time, he realized that he liked the work and the goals of the organization and he wanted to get more involved. This is how he got to work in the youth group.

Eventually PLS supported Anthony and enabled him a 6-month education at a Christian organization.

The appointment as managing director was not too surprising for Anthony. The former director of PLS had supervised Anthony for years, sent him to trainings and taught him the how to lead the organization step by step.

Anthony feels very comfortable in his new position. Certainly, he does have more work, but: ‘I am happy to have such an amazing team which supports me.’, he explains. ‘What I love most about my work to empower the poorer people and to enable them to change their and their communities’ situation.’

We are happy to have Anthony as local project leader, who is highly motivated to fight poverty with us, give hope to people living in poverty and to help them into a self- determined life.