Our Approach

Your donation enables people to live a better and more independent life. To achieve this goal, we offer microcredit and sponsor professional training programs. Our promise: we will tell you exactly whom you’ve helped!

Micro Loans – Donate once, help multiple times!

Micro loans are very small loans (35 to 300€) that are given to poor people whose income is not enough to start or to operate their own business. They do not have access to commercial banks and local moneylenders would charge up to 100% interest. We give credit only for business purposes so that repayment is possible and benefits people and their families in the long run. Microloans are certainly not a magic cure for poverty but they enable entrepreneurial individuals and their families to start a better life. 

The benefit: a repaid loan can be reused immediately for another project! 

To learn how microcredit changes the lives of our participants, please read our impact study.

How are Our Projects Conducted?

Personal Relationship
In order to make sure that the concept of a loan is understood and that it is used properly, we get to know potential participants and their families personally and visit their dwellings. To obtain a loan they also have to communicate a small business plan.


Participants then sign a contract that states the agreements discussed before. For most of them this is the fist time ever to sign a contract.


Afterwards the loan is paid out and the micro entrepreneurs expand or start their businesses. In some cases, business skills training is conducted first so that the enterprise can be run successfully.


During the repayment time we offer consulting to the business owners. When difficulties or delays arise, we do not charge compound interest. Our microcredit cannot become a debt trap.


After the loan is repaid the micro entrepreneurs continue their business independently. They also have the option to apply for a second one in order to expand their businesses.




Training Programs

Not every economically disadvantaged person has the skills or the desire to run his or her own business. For those people, our partner organization Project Life Subic offers vocational training programs that are partially funded by us. At the end of each course, participants receive an officially recognized certificate that enables them to find regular employment in nearby companies. For many, this means having a regular income for the first time in their lives and allows them and their families to live a healthier and better life. Read More

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