Kelayu Village

The small village of Kelayu is located in the highlands of the Indonesian island of Lombok. The houses huddle on the steep slopes and rice terraces at Sambalun Mountain, the small neighbour of Rinjani volcano. The inhabitants are rice and cattle farmers. If you want to go to Kelayu, you have to leave the asphalted […]


How Tailor Trainings Transform Lives

Participants of our sponsored sewing training not only learn how to handle high-speed sewing machines, various yarns and fabrics. They also learn how to apply to local employers and convince them in a job interview, punctuality and reliability are also being worked on. At the end of last year, another group of students benefited from […]


Impressions from Indonesia

Tobias Schüßler, our director, travelled to Indonesia for two weeks at the beginning of December to visit partner organisations and project participants, to verify the proper use of the donations and to plan further cooperations. He was accompanied on this privately funded trip by Dennis Franz from Sailauf, who has been supporting the non-profit association […]

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Meet our program participants: Jennifer participated in a training program, sponsored by us. Then we gave her two micro loans and today she runs her own, successful design studio! In this short video you can learn more about her.

"The fact that people had to live in and from garbage shocked me to the core. How desperate does one have to be to sell their own children in some cases, just to feed the rest of the family?" Tobias Schüßler about his experiences in the Philippines and the founding of Global Micro Initiative.

In this video, you learn more about the beginnings of our work in South East Asia.

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