Mael (22) comes from the province of Chaiyaphum in northeastern Thailand. Since there is little work available in Chaiyaphum, she had come to Pattaya. There, she worked for two years in a go-go bar on the famous “Walking Street”. “Mael has heard of the Tamar Center from another woman who came to us in the […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 47   Business: Coconuts   Loan: 67 €   If you think of the beautiful island of Bali in the Indian Ocean, you will see beautiful beaches, impressive temples and exotic dishes and fruits. As you know, many spicy spices are found in Balinese cuisine. In addition to the spices, the […]


After the earthquake: Hariyanto and Haeniah

A few months ago, several strong earthquakes shook the Indonesian island of Lombok. First aid reached the victims quickly and the locals could soon begin to rebuild their homes. The economic life in the small villages, however, came to a complete fall for a few weeks. Together with our partner organisation Gema Alam, we gave […]

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Meet our program participants: Jennifer participated in a training program, sponsored by us. Then we gave her two micro loans and today she runs her own, successful design studio! In this short video you can learn more about her.

"The fact that people had to live in and from garbage shocked me to the core. How desperate does one have to be to sell their own children in some cases, just to feed the rest of the family?" Tobias Schüßler about his experiences in the Philippines and the founding of Global Micro Initiative.

In this video, you learn more about the beginnings of our work in South East Asia.

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